VTO Recycling

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VTO BV is a leading intermediary in the widest possible range of areas within the field of waste streams, anaerobic digestion, fertilisers and digestate for the production of Biogas.
VTO works closely together with the industrial biodigester present within BELA Group (2.4 megawatts). With years of experience, a reliable network and a wide range of in-house transport options, VTO delivers a positive contribution to the success of its suppliers and customers.
Within VTO, there is solid market knowledge and the staff are very familiar with the relevant laws and regulations around the production of Biogas. VTO of course holds the relevant permits and registrations required to be able to act as an intermediary in the biogas sector and this, together with a wide range of in-house transport options, ensures that VTO can always serve its customers by processing waste streams in a responsible way. 

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