Rined Fourages

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Rined Fourages BV

Rined Fourages BV is BELA Group’s Dutch animal-feed operation and has been active since 1991.
This mainly involves the sale of dry and wet single products to the Dutch pig-farming and mixed-feed industries. The Rined animal feeds come from the processing industry, which processes agricultural raw materials to produce (semi-)finished goods for human products, pharmacy and technical applications. Rined Fourages’ suppliers are located mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the UK and Poland.
Rined Fourages has a GMP+-certified quality system and is a participant in the sector-wide quality-management system Secure Feed. Through a flexible approach, Rined Fourages contributes in a positive way to the success of its suppliers and customers.

We have various storage tanks at multiple locations, allowing us to deliver 365 days a year.