Bela Group BV

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BELA Gemaalweg BV is IKB certified.
IKB stands for Integral Chain Management (ICM). IKB Varken was developed as a benchmark for the responsible production of pork. Priorities are quality, animal welfare and food safety. Products that are produced under the IKB Varken quality system come from companies that are monitored on use of veterinary medicines, animal welfare, housing, animal health, supervision by the vet, hygiene and administration, for example. The monitoring, evaluation and certification are carried out by independent organisations certified by the Dutch Accreditation Council.



DanAvl is a global concept and brand, owned and managed by the Danish Pig Research Centre.

At DanAvl we have one of the world’s most innovative crossbreeding systems.  This contributes to ensure you high quality pigs and consequently the best possible foundation for a future with greater added value.

We apply a three-way crossbreeding system, which is based on many years of experience and positive results. In crossbreeding, we make use of DanAvl Landrace (L) and DanAvl Yorkshire (Y) as mother line and DanAvl Duroc (D) as sire line.  This combination gives you the certainty that DanAvl pigs will achieve optimised production results and full exploitation of the vigour in crossbreeding.

BELA Gemaalweg BV

Pigfarm BELA Gemaalweg BV currently consists of two companies.
In Rutten are kept 1800 HGS sows and 5000 DanAvl breeding gilts.

In Ossenisse are held 8500 DanAvl breeding gilts.