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Quality and food safety of the products we deliver is very important to us. In order to guarantee this, Agri Trade GmbH is GMP+ certified and QS recognised.
Our suppliers meet all requirements as set by GMP+ and are therefore regularly monitored.
The transportation is carried out through our GMP+-qualified sister company, BELA Transport BV, with specialised trailers. We therefore guarantee the food safety of our products, now and in the future.

Click here for the GMP+ Certificate.


Agri Trade GmbH

Agri Trade GmbH is the German GmbH and is active in single wet animal feeds for pigs and cattle.
Our products are primarily derived from the food industry and biodiesel production.
In addition to the mainly traditional liquid by-products, we also have dry by-products in our extensive range.

In Bad Fallingbostel, we have an extensive tank park for whey. The whey is also fermented here.