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“Quality and reliability are very important to us”

In order to guarantee that your products are transported to your customers under the right conditions for you, our staff regularly receive extra training in addition to the compulsory training (code95). The drivers are regularly trained on new legislation and new insights. They also receive regular driving training, so you know that your products are being transported in the most environmentally friendly way possible at this time. The whole fleet, with a single exception, is at least Euro 5 or Euro 6. For the transportation of food, we are ISO22000 certified and for the transportation of animal feeds we are GMP+ certified.

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Working area BELA Transport

With a wide range of vehicles, we can bring your products to their destination throughout Europe, under the right conditions.

We can transport both liquid and solid products for you. We do this using a modern and young vehicle fleet, which is equipped with food tanks, hopper tanks, horizontal feed tanks and manure tanks. These trailers are all fitted with a pump or compressor. We transport the solid materials with Walking Floor trailers, we also have one Walking Floor with a blower unit and vehicles with swap-body containers.
We operate in the following sectors:
• Food
• Animal feeds
• Waste and fertilisers



BELA Transport

BELA Transport BV is a modern managed company that specializes in the transport of food, liquid and dry (stackable) anmial feed, fertilzers and waste. The transport occurs mainly with tanktrailers, hoppers and walking floors.
The fleet is young, modern and fully equipped to the standards and requirements that apply to the transport. The planners of BELA Transport ensure optimal service-oriented management and are able to fully provide all the services to the clients of BELA Transport. BELA Transport is 24/7 available, ISO 22000 and GMP+ certifiied.