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Welcome on the website from BELA Group


BELA Group is active in the trade of animal feeds (Rined Fourages BV and Agri Trade GmbH), trade in raw materials for biogas production (VTO BV), pig-farming companies (BELA Gemaalweg, BELA Meijel and BELA Ossenisse), Transport (BELA Transport) and the production of sustainable energy (BELA Biogas). These companies are 100% subsidiaries of BELA Group.

BELA Group also has interests in Agrisyst BV (automation and data processing), Agrophil bvba (trade in animal feeds) in Belgium.
Although the individual operating companies work completely independently, all the operating companies within BELA Group are strengthened through exploitation of the advantages offered by synergy.

In order to offer maximum service and flexibility, BELA Group has extensive and well equipped storage capacity for the storage and handling of its trade products. BELA Group aims to make a positive contribution to the success of its suppliers and purchasers of its products and services.
On the various subpages you will find more information about the different companies and products.
At our site we also have our own garage, various silos for liquid products and a loading and unloading dock for ships. In addition, we have a 70-tonne weighbridge, which is available 24/7 for everyone and there is a Vissers Olie petrol station at our location. 



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