BELA Biogas

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BELA Biogas BV

In 2013, the biodigester in Ysselsteyn (LB) was taken over. BELA Biogas BV has a waste digester where waste streams and by-products are sustainably converted to green electricity and fertilisers.
The digestion plant is a part of the organisation that handles processing of remnants and by-products, whether liquid, dry or packed and the processing of manure.

BELA Biogas produces 2.1 mWe in green electricity, which is enough to provide around 4,200 households with electricity. With the residual heat generated during digestion, the end product, digestate, is sanitised so that it is exportable. BELA Biogas is a recognised manure processor.

The biogas plant currently has a digestion capacity of 8,900 m³.